Meet the heart behind Olive & Bean

As an online store owner, sometimes you can feel stuck behind the screen but there is a lot of heart over here! I am so thankful for each of you and all of the support we feel from our Olive and Bean Babes.

Say hello to the behind the scenes crew

Hello from Madison

Hey there, lovely! I am so happy you stopped by, I am so beyond grateful that you are here, supporting my dream.

My name is Madison Bush, owner of Olive and Bean Women's Boutique. Seven year old me is squealing with excitement just saying that. Building this business has been a life long dream that is finally coming to fruition.

I am a Texas A&M graduate and former teacher. With the crazy Covid years, I felt my joy being stripped away in more ways than one- I think we all know the feeling. While children and education still take up a huge part of my heart, it was sadly time for me to take a step back.

When me and my husband got the news we were moving to Houston, TX we were overcome with emotion and the possibility for a new opportunity shined bright in front of me. I decided to take a leap of faith.. it was time to open my heart and put my soul into my dreams. I could not do this with out the love and support of my husband, Alex-thank you for embracing my dream.

Welcome to Olive & Bean where I hope you find your most confident self.

Come find your vibe with us <3


Meet Ollie girl! Olive is our quarantine puppy and an absolute JOY to us. She is three years old and full of personality. You can catch Olive taking a lazy nap on the couch, squeaking her toys in your face and oh yeah... taking another nap (;

This little one has been such a light in our lives and has made the biggest impact not only on me and my husband, but most of all, our sassy beans.


This is our Dixie girl AKA Beans. Dixie came into my life, my Sophomore year at Texas A&M. Talk about a blessing... this girl has been there for me all through college, graduation, into my teaching career, getting married and now onto pursuing my life long dream. Beans quickly became her nickname because of her cute paws and we think it just fits her spunky self.

She is the SASSY side in all of us and hey, there is nothing wrong with that (;

From our family to your closet!

My husband Alex is right there with us, setting up pop up shops, sitting for hours at markets, and even packing orders! Thank you for always supporting me and my dreams.

Really we should be called Olive & Bean & Al.

To our Olive and Bean Babes, from our family, to you all - we are so glad you're here.